Cowan Family

I did a photo shoot for the Cowan family with several children.  The picture was a Christmas gift for their grandmother.  I loved the red, black and white outfits each of the kids wore.  One of the little boys was very unhappy and eventually ended up lying on the ground crying while we continued taking pictures.  It's one of those moments you just have to laugh about.

"Madelyn was our photographer for an outdoor shoot with about 20 children.  Yikes!  It must have been stressful but she didn't show it.  She was very patient and did a fantastic job.  The pictures turned out great. Madelyn went above and beyond what was expected and we will definitely continue to go to her for our family photographs!" - Sabrina

Before the big group shoot, I took some pictures of Sabrina's kids and after I took some pictures of one of her sister's children.  Here are some of those pictures.