Kris & Carolina

Kris and Carolina found this amazing old brick house for their location.  The weird thing about the house is that there weren't any stairs to their front door.  How'd they get in?  Kris and Carolina were comfortable with one another and with me which made it easy for me to take candid pictures of them. 

"When Kris and I started making our wedding plans we decided that everything would represent us genuinely and we agreed that we wanted pictures that showed how amazing we felt for each other…so we called Madelyn and told her the atmosphere that we wanted for pictures…she immediately had ideas and made me feel that the pictures would turn out great!…We had so much fun with the shoot and were so relaxed and confident that she was capturing the moments we wanted to remember…at the end there were so many pictures to choose from that I would have to say the greatest dilemma we had in our wedding was which picture would be our favorite! The pictures represented us and our favorites ended up being the ones Madelyn caught with her expert eye in between other shots…the end result was a collection of genuine moments caught in time and every time I look at them I remember some of the absolute most important moments of my life. Thanks to Madelyn I have true art to hang on my walls and place in my frames, not just because my husband is gorgeous, but because thanks to her I can always look at the cute faces he genuinely makes even if he’s not at home with me or at work, or in my wallet or everywhere I have found an empty spot to put up my Madelyn-pictures!" - Carolina

 See - no stairs!

 Love this bracelet!
 And her shoes.