"Madelyn did a great job on our newborn pictures - we were so happy with them!  She was kind enough to work around our crazy schedule and she gave us plenty of time and attention during the photo shoot.  I was so impressed with how fast she got the edits back to us!  I would recommend Madelyn to anyone!" - Jenna

"I keep going back to Madelyn because she is the only one who consistently gets my baby (now toddler) to smile!  And not just for one pic but several!  Always amazed!  Ellie always had fun, too, it is a great environment.  I highly recommend her for children photos, especially for wiggly ones." - Liz

"There was a lot of anxiety and stress in the family on the wedding day, but the predominant emotion Madelyn managed to capture in her amazing photographs was the true joy evident on Zack & Tanya's faces. As we were searching for  a photographer to chronicle the day, there was something about Madelyn's pictures that kept pulling me back to them over & over.....some undefinable quality that held my eyes hostage. But as I've gone over the photos time & time again.....I think I may have finally identified the mysterious component....I think Madelyn has found a way to photograph love--the aura that is emitted between human beings when they are in love--when there are no words, only glances, or smiles, or slight nods of the head. You can't pose it, or wait for it. But you do have to recognize it, and pull it out of hiding, which can be the most difficult!!" - Barbara Healy

"I love Madelyn Wayment Photography.  The pictures Madelyn captures of my children are breathtaking and have created a great way for me to remember my children in each stage of their lives.  I am always amazed how she is able to create an atmosphere to capture their natural smiles.  She has taken my family's pictures on a handful of occasions and we always end up with something I am excited to hang up in my house." - Jenny

"Madelyn took my engagement and wedding photos in 2009.  I was so impressed with Madelyn because before we got to the location, she was already there studying the location for great areas to shoot and lighting.  Madelyn made my husband and I so comfortable which resulted in very natural and fun pictures.  She had many great ideas for poses and worked around imperfections my husband and I didn't want captured.  After having engagement pictures taken we were more than happy to book Madelyn to take our wedding pictures- the most important day of our life.  Once again, she exceeded our expectations and took timeless photos that we are proud to display around our home.  I am so happy with the work and time she put in to my lasting memories!" - Kari

"I had the best experience. I've never had a photographer take such amazing pictures before. She made me feel comfortable and I was very happy with the results." - Caroline

"Madelyn was so great to work with our large family. She showed up early, helped us determine the best spot for shooting in our backyard, and was wonderful with the many small kids! I could tell she has had lots of experience working with kids and helping them cooperate. Madelyn was very accommodating to my constant requests to change the date of the photo shoot and at the last minute she agreed to change locations due to a family emergency. We are VERY pleased with how the photos turned out and with the overall experience and how smoothly everything went during the shoot." - Emily

"I have absolutely loved working with Madelyn both times she has done pictures for me. She has an amazing eye for good settings and poses. I love the way all of our photographs turned out. Our daughter was crabby, refused to smile and was more interested in playing with the grass than sitting still, but Madelyn still got amazing shots of her. They are easily the cutest pictures we have.  The only downside was trying to pick just a few pictures to have printed from all the incredible options!" - Clarissa

"Madelyn is an absolutely wonderful photographer. She is so accommodating throughout the entire process and understanding of your needs and wants. We liked how she had ideas of the shots she wanted to get, but she also allowed us to make suggestions. We have now moved away from Utah, and we miss having an affordable photographer around who is also excellent quality. Her pictures are truly wonderful, and we like them so much we made huge prints of them and have them hanging in various places in our home. Simply beautiful." -Brandon, Jalisa, & Baby

"Madelyn was our photographer for an outdoor shoot with about 20 children.  Yikes!  It must have been stressful but she didn't show it.  She was very patient and did a fantastic job.  The pictures turned out great. Madelyn went above and beyond what was expected and we will definitely continue to go to her for our family photographs!" - Sabrina

"When Kris and I started making our wedding plans we decided that everything would represent us genuinely and we agreed that we wanted pictures that showed how amazing we felt for each other…so we called Madelyn and told her the atmosphere that we wanted for pictures…she immediately had ideas and made me feel that the pictures would turn out great!…We had so much fun with the shoot and were so relaxed and confident that she was capturing the moments we wanted to remember…at the end there were so many pictures to choose from that I would have to say the greatest dilemma we had in our wedding was which picture would be our favorite! The pictures represented us and our favorites ended up being the ones Madelyn caught with her expert eye in between other shots…the end result was a collection of genuine moments caught in time and every time I look at them I remember some of the absolute most important moments of my life. Thanks to Madelyn I have true art to hang on my walls and place in my frames, not just because my husband is gorgeous, but because thanks to her I can always look at the cute faces he genuinely makes even if he’s not at home with me or at work, or in my  wallet or everywhere I have found an empty spot to put up my Madelyn-pictures!" - Carolina