Flash Camp 2011

I attended a workshop on flash by the amazing Scott Jarvie.  It was a lot of fun messing around with different flashes and lighting situations.  Thanks for all you taught me Scott!  And thank you models for being so great to work with!
 This is just an example of what the lighting was like during the day.  I wanted to show you this picture so you could get an idea of how much shooting with a flash made a different.
 While I wouldn't shoot this style all the time, I really liked the "moody" feel to these types of shots.

 I love her eyes in this picture!

 For this picture I used 2 flashes one to light up the subjects and the other to light up her hair.

 That beautiful glow on her hair is from a flash.  Love it!

 Kenzie and Scott Jarvie

 She bought this dress in Thailand - so cool!

 You'd think it was an overcast day.....nope.

 This was a 5 second shutter speed so we could get some of the lights and sky to show up nicely in the background.