Clarissa's Family

Clarissa and Jacob have a darling daugther.  We took their pictures is the orchard in Provo.  We had a lot of fun, but we did get attacked by some ants.  Luckily we still got some good shots of.

"I have absolutely loved working with Madelyn both times she has done pictures for me. She has an amazing eye for good settings and poses. I love the way all of our photographs turned out. Our daughter was crabby, refused to smile and was more interested in playing with the grass than sitting still, but Madelyn still got amazing shots of her. They are easily the cutest pictures we have.  The only downside was trying to pick just a few pictures to have printed from all the incredible options!" - Clarissa

 Isn't that such a cute dress?

I love this picture. 

 She has such pretty eyes!